Friday, September 8, 2017

Kindergarten Update

We've got two weeks in the books now and T LOVES school.  On Labor Day, she woke up and when she learned it was a "holiday" she was disappointed she had the day off.  Every day, T is eager to go to school and while we have some "debate" about the importance of moving through our morning routine we have been on time every day!  She is exhausted when I pick her up and I think putting karate on hold for September was the best decision,  Our speech visits have moved to Tuesday afternoons from 4:45-5:30 which seemed to work this week because she had an hour to lay on the couch and catch her second wind.

Grammie and I went to the Open House on Wednesday night while T went out to dinner with Papa.  We met T's teacher - Ms. Deegan who is delightful.  She is young, energetic and excited to work with the kids.  There are only 11 kids in the class which is so wonderful.  T had been excited about her trip to the library on Tuesday and I was excited to meet the Librarian - Mrs. Mathias (her daughter Meghan is in T's class).  I had asked T if they had had to walk to the library in the Elementary School -she shook her head and said "No Mama...we just went upstairs".  I hadn't seen an upstairs in my previous visits to the school so I asked Mrs. Mathias where the library was and was delighted to learn that they had indeed had to walk to the library in the elementary school.  Somehow T missed both walks..........but she loved visiting the library. 

I hope she is this enthusiastic for the rest of the year.  It really is fun to see her so excited to go off each day to see "her little kids" but I have to say the 7:20 start is rough!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Class of 2030

Oh my heart.............she's officially a kindergartner now.  She woke up and was excited and raring to mention of the uniform and why she couldn't wear a dress or flip flops.  She ate a terrific breakfast and we were ready 11 minutes BEFORE we needed to be - a world record. We had time for un-rushed pictures and then we picked up grammie and papa and headed to school.  We arrived at 7:27 (smack dab in the middle of the drop off window - another win for me).  T was anxious to get out, posed for pictures with Sister Angela and off she went to meet "her kids".

Here's hoping her first day is magical.  Pick up time is 2:30.....just need to bear it for another 30 minutes and then I can go scoop her up and hear all about her day.

As far as Angus and Finn go - they haven't budged since their morning walk - they are missing their girl.

So excited 

Papa's girl 

Sister Angela was there to offer warm hugs

Saving their energy for her return

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cooper's Pond Summer

How we love our little hidden gem Cooper's Pond.  The only days we haven't been swimming are the days it has rained or the days we've been away on vacation.  T's confidence level in the water has soared this summer and her stamina increases every day.  She now swims underwater and floats like a champ. At swim class she jumps off the diving board without a care in the world.  Her bubble is off more and more but she does like to wear it when she swims underwater. I am hoping that the warm weather carries us through September so we can get in the water after school and she has one more 8 week session of swim lessons that will take us through Halloween.  Living on the pond it's really important for her to be confident when she's in the water and to understand the importance of water safety.

I've enjoyed snapping random shots this summer of her swimming and playing in our beautiful pond.

Love the turtle

She is way to big for the mermaid ring 

Bubble girl 

The slide was a big hit 

Swimming with Papa 

Grammy and Papa love the pond too 

PB&J standard fare for lunch 

Dockside girl 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sprinting to the finish - Bucket List Update 8/19

Officially we have until September 21st to complete our bucket list but realistically our activities will be cut short after T starts school on 8/29 so we've ramped up our activities over the past few weeks. We've done 34 of the 50 activities we put on our list and we'll get through a few more before 9/21.   Here's our latest update!

1.Go for an early morning walk on the beach  
2. Go on a train ride – The Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington on with Grammie and Mama 6/23
3.     Go on a Pirate Cruise with Grammie and Papa – Headed out on the high seas on 8/9 and had a wonderful time!
4.     Ride a ferris wheel – Edaville and a new one at Santa’s Village
5.     Ride on a trolley – We toured America’s hometown on 8/16
6.     Have lunch with Debbie and Colleen
7.     Finish “eel 2” Swim with Miss Jodie…finished on 6/17 and now moving onto Water Stamina Class – finished 8/19
8.     Play on a new playground – Birch Playground in Pembroke was a great find as was the playground at Ocean Edge
9.     Visit Edaville Railroad -  4 visits in all this summer - we even took Lorraine and Danny and Bobby
10. Visit a zoo (Roger Williams, Capron or Southwick)
11. Have a picnic at the beach – Crosby Landing Beach 7/20
12. Make S'mores
13. Watch the solar eclipse on 8/21 (we have our glasses ready to go)
14. Plant tomatoes with Grammie – we planted everything on 6/3
15. Plant flowers with Grammie – even if T didn’t want to get “dirty and yucky”
16. Attend a summer fair – Ponies for Parties on 6/26
17. Go to the Farmer's Market – Carver 7/26 (disappointing)
18. Ride a merry go ground – Edaville and Santa’s Village have ones we love
19. Build a sandcastle – Crosby Landing Beach
20. Hunt for shells and create a masterpiece
21. Ride in the paddle boat – Rode in ours but also rented a duck paddle boat
22. Play in the sprinkler – bought a slip and slide and we LOVE it but the water is SO cold
23. Visit Santa’s Village – we visited on a beautiful sunny day (6/25) and had a wonderful time.
24. Go to a “Ladies Luncheon” – had fun with Grammie’s friends and all their grandchildren in Brewster on June 4th 
25. Have ice cream for dinner or lunch – Took Grammie and Papa to Erickson’s on 7/21 and Auntie Sheryl joined us on 8/9 for a sweet treat
26. Go on a road trip -White Mountains of New Hampshire with Grammie
27. Enjoy a play date with a friend – met the Grey family on 7/25 and Katrina and T hit it off big time – they both love mermaids.  We also went to Edaville with Danny and Bobby on 8/14
28. Have breakfast with Gram's friend Janet – We joined Janet in Middleboro at the Nellie Rose on 8/4/17
29. Take Terry and Gino on an adventure – Went to see Cinderella at the South Shore Music Circus on 8/10
30. Brush the ponies at the Pony Farm with Papa –
31. Watch fireworks - on the pond 7/4 - no traffic to worry about 
32. Get face painted – 6/26 at Ponies for Parties event…T was a butterfly and on 730 at Family Day in Marshfield - T was a flower
33. Go to Heritage Museum with Grammie….ride the carousel and explore Hidden Hollows we went on 7/31
34.  Take a Duck Boat tour
 35. Meet Auntie Debbie for dinner
36. Celebrate Mom and Uncle Chris's birthday – celebrated on 7/3..T made a cake with green frosting!
37. Fly a kite
38. Visit the petting zoo & Coi pond at the Plymouth Sheriff Farm - Free Friday Fun on May 19th 
39. Collect postcards from the US and track on a map…..making progress!  We have postcards from 16 states already.
40. Visit 2 new beaches on Cape Cod – Crosby Landing and Paine’s Creek – both in Brewster
41. Get an ice cream from an ice cream man
42. Go on an adventure with Auntie Sheryl - Ice cream night and dinner at Sam Diego's
43. Finish the Lobstah Crawl in Plymouth - an activity we love but we are missing five - one is being repaired....I can't find the other 4
44.  Have a sleep over in Grammie’s guest room
 45. Visit the splash pad at Nelson Park – we visited and then went to one at Santa’s Village too!
46. Go to a show at the South Shore Music Circus – 8/10 and saw Cinderella
47. Go for a walk on the Cape Cod Canal
48. Spend a rainy day in our PJ's
49. Walk Powder Point Bridge

50. Start Kindergarten 
On a pirate hunt!! 

Ahoy Matie! 

Tourist in Plymouth 

She couldn't wait to ride the trolley 

With  Grammie and Janet at Nellie Rose 

Lorraine and Bobby joined us at Edaville 


South Shore Music Circus 

Just because they are all so cute!! 

Things we are loving - mid-August

We are winding down summer activities and anticipating mommy's return to work soon (keep your fingers crossed) and we are loving these dwindling summer days!

Outdoor art projects - we used finger paints on the dock and used our feet and hands to make masterpieces -then we jumped into water to rinse ourselves off.  Bonus was the rain that came to clean the paint off the dock!  We also pulled out an old favorite and did "salted" watercolors.  Then an all time favorite - graffiti had us running to the water again!!

Swimming, swimming and swimming!  She's almost done with swim classes for the year and has mastered jumping off the diving board (and I've finally gotten used to it) and she is a shark in the pond (literally).  And we can't forget efforts to use the hula hoop (I don't think she'll be entering into any hula contests soon).

We are spending time learning sight words for school, writing letters and numbers, learning basic math concepts and working on the art of being still.  We are also busy learning how to use some of our new school  lunch "tools" like her "hot bot" for soup and her "Yum Box" for lunch in general.  She has to bring a lunch and snack every day and for a girl who doesn't like sandwiches and LOVES a hot lunch I feel like this may be a challenge for us this year.  She also needs to learn how to do buttons and zippers for her uniform.....learning something new everyday.

Ice cream - T has really come to enjoy strawberry ice cream and I bought some of the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and we eat them "al fresco" most nights!

Hard to believe school starts in just two weeks.  Our routines will be changing again.

Right into the pond with you! 

Feels so funny! 

Finished product 

Swimming with Papa 

Strawberry ice cream is a fave! 

Hula hoop anyone?

Strawberry mess! 

Calling Trudy the Tooth Fairy!!

Despite keeping close watch on T's third loose tooth sometime after brushing this morning around 8 and the Thomas the Tank Engine show at Edaville at 11:15 the tooth up and disappeared ('d think the third time would be the charm)!!  So once again we needed to leave Trudy a note and explain that we really did "lose" a tooth!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

She's got a green thumb!

A few months ago we planted beans, sunflowers and carrots............we nurtured them all from seedlings and now we are starting to see the benefits from our hard work.

Our beautiful sunflower seedlings proved to be too delicious for the local bunnies to leave alone and they ate all 12 of our beautiful plants.........T was ok with this but I was disappointed!

Our green beans were started in a baggie on our slider in early April...........we've taken good care of them and we've received 2 bowls of beans for our hard work.

The carrots haven't yielded any carrots YET but they sure look plentiful.  We kept these on the porch to deter our rabbit friends.  Fingers crossed we harvest a big bunch in the next few weeks.

I think we add a few bean plants to the mix next year and add a tomato plant or two again.

Beans, a wet paper towel and a baggie 

There they grow

And we harvest!