Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Announcement - please read and respond

Folks I am going to lock this blog down.........happy to share the journey with those still following along our amazing journey but received an "anonymous" comment that was a tad odd.  I am going to set a password on the account within the next few days. In the meantime, no new posts.

Please send an email to me in real life letting me know you'd like to continue to follow along and if you don't have my real email address please put in a comment and I will read through and grant access.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Falling into autumn

We fell right into autumn and all the fun activities that come along with the season (I love fall - T would tell you summer was her favorite season but I will convert her at some point). We've been apple picking, pumpkin hunting, corn mazing, horseback riding and on a fall scavenger hunt (rainy Sunday and we needed to get outside). We spent a warm afternoon at Sachuck Farm and we met T's little friend Michael and his gram there.  We rode the tractor to the pumpkin field, rode the cow train, and got lost in the corn maze.  I love T's sense of adventure - while we were lost her only concern was if I had a snack in my bag for her in case she got hungry when it got dark....

 We made an apple pie with our golden apples (at 28 for a bag of apples they were indeed golden)  We've also decorated unicorn pumpkins (never ever again.....Pintrest is not for the faint of heart) and decorated our house for Halloween. We made a great wreath for the front door with some fun leaves that are made from material that is shiny and glittery!   T's already decided we need to make turkeys for the front door in anticipation of Thanksgiving!  (Told you I'd convert her.....)

Horseback riding at a fall fair 

Decorating the house

Jumpy mattress 

Duck races 

Corn box to play in 

Looking for a pumpkin without a dent


With her friend Michael from school 

Treasure hunt in the rain 


Looking for the perfect apple

Mermaids make the best apple pies 

Ready to bake 

12 pages of instructions......

Pintrest is not my friend 

5 days of working on these

On our way to feeling better!

For the past three weeks we've been laying low.....we had a cold that turned into something else for Teagan.  First she was diagnosed with viral bronchitis and we tried the honey, vaporizer and inhaler route but there didn't seem to be any improvement so we went back to the doctors.  Turns out she developed a sinus infection so we added an antibiotic and cough medicine to our treatment plan.

She's had low energy and been rather cuddly for the past few weeks....asking to go to bed and just laying about when she's gotten home from school.  She seems to have turned a corner yesterday and I am hopeful we are all done with this illness.

T has become quite the back seat photographer so I am sharing some of her pics for this update.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween is two weeks away...

Can you guess what T has chosen to be......

Karate Milestone

Teagan has been going to karate for almost two years.  When she first started she was awkward toddler who struggled to keep up with the pace of class.  She continued to make progress and as her confidence grew so didn't her skills.  We are very fortunate to have a group of dedicated senseis who challenge the students to continue progress.  There motto is "Yes I Can".  This spring and summer T has semi-private lessons due to her school schedule - there was a 9AM class on Tuesday and Thursdays and for the most part it was T and Sensi Chris and maybe one or two other students.  Many schools would have cancelled that class due to participation but Thurston kept it going.  On October 5th T was officially promoted from the "Little Samurai" class to the "Pee Wee Warrior" class - she is going into this class 5 months earlier than most because it starts at age 6 but her teachers think she is more than ready for the challenge.  What an accomplishment - so proud of this little girl.

Moving On Up - October 5th 

So excited!! 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Last Swim of the Season

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, shoes, child, outdoor, water and nature

We were lucky enough to squeeze some nice warm days into September.  Official last swim this year was on September 25th.......after apple picking and selecting our pumpkins for the season.  There were several false reports of last swims but we finally closed the books on the 25th.

Image may contain: one or more people, swimming, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: one or more people, child, outdoor, nature and water

Wrapping up our summer bucket list

I loved our summer and am so glad I got to spend the summer with Teagan - it truly was a gift.  Not only did we have many adventures T had so much time in the water she's become a very confident swimmer.

So here's the run down on our bucket list - the things we "missed" truly were because of schedules not aligning as opposed to the last two summers where we just ran out of time. We completed 41 of the 50 adventures we set out to accomplish and added to our list as we went. 

1.Go for an early morning walk on the beach  - Duxbury Beach - September 2
2. Go on a train ride – The Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington on with Grammie and Mama 6/23
3.     Go on a Pirate Cruise with Grammie and Papa – Headed out on the high seas on 8/9 and had a wonderful time!
4.     Ride a ferris wheel – Edaville and a new one at Santa’s Village
5.     Ride on a trolley – We toured America’s hometown on 8/16
6.     Have lunch with Debbie and Colleen
7.     Finish “eel 2” Swim with Miss Jodie…finished on 6/17 and now moving onto Water Stamina Class – finished 8/19
8.     Play on a new playground – Birch Playground in Pembroke was a great find as was the playground at Ocean Edge
9.     Visit Edaville Railroad -  4 visits in all this summer - we even took Lorraine and Danny and Bobby
10. Visit a zoo (Roger Williams, Capron or Southwick)
11. Have a picnic at the beach – Crosby Landing Beach 7/20
12. Make S'mores - T is not a fan! 7/21
13. Watch the solar eclipse on 8/21 - T was with Lorraine and they watched from the pond
14. Plant tomatoes with Grammie – we planted everything on 6/3
15. Plant flowers with Grammie – even if T didn’t want to get “dirty and yucky”
16. Attend a summer fair – Ponies for Parties on 6/26
17. Go to the Farmer's Market – Carver 7/26 (disappointing)
18. Ride a merry go ground – Edaville and Santa’s Village have ones we love
19. Build a sandcastle – Crosby Landing Beach
20. Hunt for shells and create a masterpiece - Duxbury Beach 9/2
21. Ride in the paddle boat – Rode in ours but also rented a duck paddle boat
22. Play in the sprinkler – bought a slip and slide and we LOVE it but the water is SO cold
23. Visit Santa’s Village – we visited on a beautiful sunny day (6/25) and had a wonderful time.
24. Go to a “Ladies Luncheon” – had fun with Grammie’s friends and all their grandchildren in Brewster on June 4th 
25. Have ice cream for dinner or lunch – Took Grammie and Papa to Erickson’s on 7/21 and Auntie Sheryl joined us on 8/9 for a sweet treat
26. Go on a road trip -White Mountains of New Hampshire with Grammie
27. Enjoy a play date with a friend – met the Grey family on 7/25 and Katrina and T hit it off big time – they both love mermaids.  We also went to Edaville with Danny and Bobby on 8/14
28. Have breakfast with Gram's friend Janet – We joined Janet in Middleboro at the Nellie Rose on 8/4/17
29. Take Terry and Gino on an adventure – Went to see Cinderella at the South Shore Music Circus on 8/10
30. Brush the ponies at the Pony Farm with Papa –
31. Watch fireworks - on the pond 7/4 - no traffic to worry about 
32. Get face painted – 6/26 at Ponies for Parties event…T was a butterfly and on 730 at Family Day in Marshfield - T was a flower
33. Go to Heritage Museum with Grammie….ride the carousel and explore Hidden Hollows we went on 7/31
34.  Take a Duck Boat tour
 35. Meet Auntie Debbie for dinner
36. Celebrate Mom and Uncle Chris's birthday – celebrated on 7/3..T made a cake with green frosting!
37. Fly a kite
38. Visit the petting zoo & Coi pond at the Plymouth Sheriff Farm - Free Friday Fun on May 19th 
39. Collect postcards from the US and track on a map…..making progress!  We have postcards from 16 states already.
40. Visit 2 new beaches on Cape Cod – Crosby Landing and Paine’s Creek – both in Brewster
41. Get an ice cream from an ice cream man - Scusset Beach 8/27
42. Go on an adventure with Auntie Sheryl - Ice cream night and dinner at Sam Diego's
43. Finish the Lobstah Crawl in Plymouth - an activity we love but we are missing five - one is being repaired....I can't find the other 4
44.  Have a sleep over in Grammie’s guest room
 45. Visit the splash pad at Nelson Park – we visited and then went to one at Santa’s Village too!
46. Go to a show at the South Shore Music Circus – 8/10 and saw Cinderella
47. Go for a walk on the Cape Cod Canal
48. Spend a rainy day in our PJ's
49. Walk Powder Point Bridge - September 2nd

50. Start Kindergarten - Successfully went off to school on 8/29

Powder Point Bridge 9/2
Love our paddle boat

Beach baby

Can't wait to put our Shutterfly book together this summer.